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Unnoticed Roof Damage Causes Damage Over Time in Riverdale, NY

When roof damage from storms goes unnoticed, the problem can become much bigger. This home in Riverdale, NY had its roof damaged an unknown amount of time befor... READ MORE

Flood Damage Disaster in Ludlow, NY

When this basement apartment in Ludlow, NY had a flood, the landlord decided to call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. SERVPRO was quick to arrive to the scene and begi... READ MORE

Fire Damage Reconstruction In North Riverdale, NY

This house in North Riverdale, NY had a massive fire where, luckily, nobody was physically hurt. On the other hand, many of their possessions and portions of th... READ MORE

Bedroom Flooding In Home In Woodlawn Heights, NY

Closets are a place where things are tucked away, but it is never expected for water to be tucked away as well! That is exactly what happened to this homeowner ... READ MORE

Toaster causes fire in Spuyten Duyvil, NY home

This homeowner in Spuyten Duyvil, NY had a ridged schedule every morning. Wake up, put toast in the toaster, take a shower. Unfortunately for the owner, by leav... READ MORE

Fire Damage Clean Up In The Bronx, NY

When this family left their home in The Bronx, NY, they forgot they they had a candle lit in their living room and the candle lit the window curtains on fire. L... READ MORE

Water Heater Failure Causes Water Damage In Basement of Mosholu, NY House

When this water heater failed in the basement of this Mosholu house, water had begun to slowly leak out of one of the pipes without the homeowner noticing. When... READ MORE

Toilet Leak in Ludlow, NY

While this family was away on vacation, the toilet in their home developed a leak and let water spill out into their bathroom. Upon returning, they noticed the ... READ MORE

Severe Roof Leak Causes Damage To Kitchen In Southeast Yonkers, NY

When this homeowner in Southeast Yonkers, NY noticed the water damage that was occurring in their kitchen, it was already too late and the area needed serious w... READ MORE

Restaurant in Fordham Heights, NY Experiences Sewer Back Up In Bathroom

When this restaurant owner got to work, he was in awe of the state of this bathroom. Overnight, there had been a swerve backup and the sewage had erupted all ov... READ MORE