Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Unnoticed Roof Damage Causes Damage Over Time in Riverdale, NY

When roof damage from storms goes unnoticed, the problem can become much bigger. This home in Riverdale, NY had its roof damaged an unknown amount of time befor... READ MORE

Severe Roof Leak Causes Damage To Kitchen In Southeast Yonkers, NY

When this homeowner in Southeast Yonkers, NY noticed the water damage that was occurring in their kitchen, it was already too late and the area needed serious w... READ MORE

Roof Leak In Home In Parkside Housing Project, NY Causes Mold To Form

SERVPRO of Yonkers South received a call about mold forming on the ceiling of a home in Parkside Housing Project and dispatched a unit to assess the damage righ... READ MORE

Long Term Roof Leak in Fieldston, NY Creates Mold Disaster In Closet

When this family noticed this massive mold stain in the back of their elderly parent's closet in this Fieldston, NY home they knew they had to do something righ... READ MORE

Storm Causes Roof Damage in Nodine Hill, NY

What Happened? When heavy winds caused a tree limb to puncture this Nodine Hill, NY resident’s roof, they were devastated to find that rainwater had begun... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Lincoln Park, NY

What Happened? A violent storm caused a significant leak to spring in the roof of this Lincoln Park, NY home. Soaking through the attic, the ceiling’s dry... READ MORE