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Leaking Roof Causes Water Damage to Home in the Bronx

1/27/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Remediation in the Bronx, NY Water Damage Remediation in the Bronx, NY

Leaking Roof Leaves Family in Need of Water Damage Remediation in the Bronx

The roof is undoubtedly one of the key elements of a house. Before renting or buying your next home, it's important to clearly inspect the roof and ensure everything is up to code. Leaky and faulty roofs can greatly inconvenience your family and lead to massive losses.

Unfortunately, many people disregard roof safety when factoring in where to live. According to research, household leaks waste about a trillion gallons of water every year. Recently, a young family in the Bronx had to learn about the devastating effects of water damage resulting from a leaking roof.

This young family recently moved to the Bronx. The move was necessitated by the parents finding work in the area. The two kids were enrolled in school, and everything seemed okay. However, events that would play out over the next few weeks left the family needing water damage remediation in the Bronx from SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

Initially, there were no issues when the family moved in as the house seemed perfect and fit their dreams. The family was able to take care of the bills for the cozy home, and all was okay. Since the family had moved from a larger house out of state, they had to store some of their items in the attic.

After living in the home for a while, the family noticed they were paying considerably more in heating and general utility bills. Sure, it had been a bit colder over the last few weeks, but even that couldn't explain the high heating bill cost. The feeling that something was definitely wrong was solidified when the weather got warm, and the family was still spending big on cooling bills.

However, the family didn't know what the problem was. In the following weeks, it began raining, and this was when the family knew they needed immediate water damage remediation in the Bronx. At this point, the parents looked for a reputable company dealing in water damage remediation in the Bronx.

After looking at several options, the family opted to use the highly rated SERVPRO water damage remediation in the Bronx. SERVPRO sent a team to investigate what the problem was. True to their suspicion, the roof was leaking.

Although the leaks in the roof looked small, they were responsible for the increased heating and utility bills the family experienced. Even the tiniest of leaks will lead to immense loss of cool and warm air, thereby resulting in inflated heating bills.

After a thorough investigation from the water damage remediation team in the Bronx, SERVPRO isolated the leak to the attic. Unfortunately, this meant some of the items stored away had experienced water damage. Further investigation revealed early development of mildew and mold issues.

The leaking roof let in water that was slowly dripping. The water dribbling in would have weakened the house's structural integrity over time, leading to even more damage.

At this point, the SERVPRO team sprang into action and provided efficient water damage remediation in the Bronx home. There was some attic and ceiling damage, and that was the first concentration point. The team then moved to fix other issues brought on by the leaky roof.

In the end, the family was glad they had gotten water damage remediation in the Bronx. After the SERVPRO team fixed everything, the heating bill went down, and the family could once again enjoy their lovely home.

Always ensure you check your house for leaky roofs. If left unchecked, these leaks can lead to attic and ceiling damage, leaving you to need water damage remediation in the Bronx. Don't wait until it's too late; if you notice any issues or irregularities, contact the SERVPRO team today.

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