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Need Sewage Cleanup Services in NY? Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage to ceiling in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO for fast, reliable sewage cleanup in Yonkers, NY!

Sewage Cleanup Services in South Yonkers

Sewage leaks are not only appalling, but they also pose a damage hazard to your home and your property. Whenever there’s a sewage leak, you need to take actionable steps and call the relevant personnel to deal with the situation before it gets worse.

SERVPRO of Yonkers South is a professional sewage cleaning company that has for long been regarded as the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers. The SERVPRO team will help you when you have sewer backup issues, either in the home or on a commercial premises.

In the case of sewer damage, contacting professional sewer removal services is imperative. When left unattended, sewer backups can lead to an array of complications.

In a recent case, a family had to deal with sewer backup and damage issues in their longtime home. This problem left them in dire need of the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers. The problem started off as a terrible smell, but soon enough, it was apparent there was a sewage backup in the basement.

The family was prudent enough to reach out to the SERVPRO team, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers. When the team arrived, it was clear they had to act quickly as the sewage was quickly rising. Had the team delayed, it would have left the home inhabitable for a long time, and the monetary damage would have been unimaginable.

After the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers arrived, they broke off into various teams, with each team handling a different section to assure maximum results.

Next, the SERVPRO team shut off the water, gas, and electricity supply to ensure that the damage did not cascade further. This is an integral step as you may not be able to shut off these services after the damage has spread. In some cases, leaving the water and electricity on can lead to further damage to your home.

The best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers then ventilated the basement to ensure the smell did not spread to other parts of the house. While it is possible to eliminate the sewage smell, the longer it lingers, the harder it is to eliminate. In some cases, the smell can render a house inhabitable for weeks or even months.

After that, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers added small amounts of chlorine bleach to the stagnant sewage water. This step helps disinfect the area and prevent further contamination. Evidently, sewage water carries a lot of debris and filth. The way you deal with this blackwater damage and contamination will determine the success of your efforts.

After these steps, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers used a pump to remove the sewage water from the basement. In the end, you could hardly tell there was any spillage just from looking at the place. Of course, there was still some foul smell, so the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers was not yet done. The SERVPRO team also shoveled debris and dirt that had accumulated into disposable bags, thereby ensuring the premises was as spotless as before. 

Finally, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers cleaned all the furniture in the basement, including the carpet and walls. Ultimately, this left a clean place where the family could comfortably move back in after a few days. The SERVPRO team was thorough enough to endure all the damage was taken care of, and the place was habitable.

If you ever experience sewage damage in your home or business, contact SERVPRO, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers, and they will quickly take care of the damage before it gets worse.

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