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Rainstorm in Yonkers, NY Causes Flood Damage in Basement

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY Storm Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY

Water Damage Leaves Basement Flooded in South Yonkers, NY

In many ways, rain is a blessing, and there’s a reason to be grateful. Rain helps plants and vegetation grow. It gets rid of dust, and in some cases, provides you with drinking water. However, rain can just be as damaging as it is beneficial. For example, a heavy downpour can leave your house flooded, leaving you in dire need of service providers dealing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

Whenever you experience water damage from a storm, the steps you take will determine the level of damage. For example, one of the first steps you should take after experiencing water damage from a rainstorm is contacting experts like SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

A family that recently moved to the Yonkers South area were the unfortunate victims of water damage in their basement. The basement water damage was caused by a heavy downpour during a rainstorm. This damage left the family requiring experts specializing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

The rain started like any other, and the family was sure the storm would pass. This family had only moved to South Yonkers four months before the water damage ordeal. During these four months, it had rained a few times, and while the intensity of the rain was gradually increasing, it all seemed to pass without any damage.

This time, the family thought it would be the same scenario. Little did they know, they would later be calling the SERVPRO team for storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

After a few hours of heavy rain, it was evident something was off. The area around the house was holding a lot more water than usual. Normally, the water around the house would flow as the rain continued. This time, however, the water had become stagnant.

The rain continued through the night. In the early morning hours, the family was up and getting ready to start their day. The kids were just waking up to get ready for school, and the parents were preparing to go to work.

One of the kids needed to grab something from the basement, and soon as they opened the door, they saw the basement was not only flooded, but the water was quickly rising.

At this point, the family tried to salvage whatever they could from the basement. However, after their efforts turned futile, they knew they had one option to mitigate the basement water damage. It was at this point the family contacted the SERVPRO team for their effective services dealing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

The SERVPRO team acted quickly. Within a few minutes, the team had already arrived at the family home to help with storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY. They identified that the water was seeping in from the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, since nothing like this had ever happened before, there was no sump pump installed in the house.

As a result, the storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY team evacuated everything that could be salvaged from the basement. At the same time, they brought out equipment to pump the water from the house. After this, the SERVPRO team broke into various factions to handle different tasks. One team was dealing with cleaning and drying the items that had been rescued. The other teams were mitigating the damage and ensuring the effects of the water damage did not move to other parts of the house.

After everything was sorted by the storm damage cleanup crew in Yonkers, NY, the family decided to install a sump pump. This would remove any gradual water that was building up around the house, thus minimizing the risk that similar damage would ever happen again. In a short while, the damage had been cleaned up, and you could hardly tell there was water damage on the premises, thanks to the SERVPRO team.

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