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Fast Emergency Water Damage Cleanup from Flooding in Kingsbridge, New York

8/13/2022 (Permalink)

Fast Emergency Water Damage Cleanup from Flooding in Kingsbridge, New York Water Damage from flood in upstairs bathroom in Kingsbridge, NY

The weather in Kingsbridge, NY, has become more volatile due to climate change. This volatility has increasingly led to flooding becoming a significant problem and resulting in the destruction of numerous business properties and homes. This flood damage is mostly in the form of warping, staining, swelling, decaying and rotting of property.

An immediate response from a flood restoration service provider, like SERVPRO of Yonkers South, is essential as it minimizes the destruction. Additionally, it saves your property from irreversible damage, saving you money. Read on to learn about fast emergency water damage cleanup from flooding in Kingsbridge, NY.

Categories of water damage from Flooding in Kingsbridge, NY

When your home undergoes water damage due to floods, it is critical to act fast to avoid further damage. Though some water damage companies providers have a “one size fits all” style to water damage cleanup, SERVPRO offers customized approaches. To understand the needed approach for your property needs, you should understand the main kinds of water damages you are likely to encounter in which include;

Clean water damage

According to the IICRC scale, clean water damage is the least severe. It is caused by leaks from broken pipes, water tanks, or other kitchen appliances. This damage presents a low risk to your house. Nonetheless, fast action is required to prevent damage to the building materials, furniture, and floor.

Greywater damage

This flood damage involves “greywater” from appliances like washrooms, sump pumps, and washing machines. This water may contain microorganisms and nutrients necessary for their survival. Additionally, it may contain grease, dirt, and cleaning agents, needing immediate attention from water damage cleanup professionals. 

Blackwater damage

Blackwater damage is the most serious type of water damage. Therefore, it requires fast action to prevent any damage to the house or furniture. This water damage is obtained from floodwaters, sewage, seawater, and groundwater. You must ensure that black water is treated with great care during a flood cleanup since it causes the most severe and lasting damage to building fabric.

Water damage cleanup process in Kingsbridge, NY

Evacuation is the first step to the flood cleaning up process. After this, the flood cleanup service providers pump all the floodwater outside the building using a tanker. Then, your house or building is cleaned with special equipment and professionally inspected for any structural damage. Finally, the building is dried carefully to prevent mildew and mold growth or any damage as it dries.

The drying process is done using sophisticated dehumidifiers and dryers, accelerating the drying process while protecting your building. Additionally, there are disinfection processes like fogging to eliminate bacteria and foul odors.

Things to Confirm Before Hiring a Water Damage Contractor in Kingsbridge, NY

Regardless of the flood damage you encounter, may it be sewage back up, broken water pipes, or floods from rainwater. It is critical to have a water damage and mitigation plan for the restoration and recovery of your property. This plan should include dehumidifying, drying, extracting, and cleaning your property, which helps prevent further damage.

To make this process effortless, reach out to professional cleanup services providers. When choosing the flood cleanup company to work with, it would help to ensure that the company has the following;

  • A practicing license

  • Excellent customer service

  • A quick response rate to emergency

  • Reputable references

  • An IICRC Certification


Damage cleanup from flooding is unique for every property, depending on the type and extent of the damage. Other factors, such as the construction of the property, may influence the process. Therefore, it is vital to understand the basics discussed above before reaching out to a “water damage cleanup near me.” It will help you choose the right company like SERVPRO for your property’s flood damage, leading to better results. For all of your flooding needs call SERVPRO of Yonkers South at (914) 423-8300

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