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Why SERVPRO is the Best Water Damage Remediation Company in New York

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable water damage remediation services!

Why SERVPRO is the Best Water Damage Remediation Company in New York

When water destroys your residential or commercial property, you need the best water damage remediation company in New York. The last thing you want is to hire a second service provider to fix another company's mistakes. Doing your research before settling for any restoration and cleaning brand is vital.

SERVPRO of Yonkers South is one of the leading companies offering the best water damage remediation services. We exist to ensure you get satisfactory property remediation. SERVPRO responded to a water damage remediation call in Yonkers a few months ago. Water overflow had caused damage to the residential property, flowing all over the place and damaging valuables.

The Water Remediation Process at SERVPRO

According to waterdamagedefense.com, 14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day. Water overflow and faulty plumbing systems are some causes of water damage. SERVPRO works on both commercial and residential properties to restore normalcy.

Our emergency services are available 24/7, and we have experienced staff to help with the repairs. We invest in advanced equipment to ensure you get high-quality services. Besides, our certified experts continuously undergo training to boost their knowledge and skills to ensure you get superior service always from the best water damage remediation company in New York.

SERVPRO does everything to restore your property and belongings to their pre-damage condition. Below is how the best water damage company in New York handles the remediation process.

  • It starts with you calling us for emergency services. Our customer care personnel will ask for details about the kind of water damage at your property. From there, we can dispatch the right staff to your location with the required tools to offer you top-notch services.
  • When we arrive at your property, we assess the situation to know the extent of the damage. Feel free to ask our professional, friendly staff any questions. They will advise you on what needs to be done to ensure the necessary repairs are done. In the case of our client, the overflow caused water to spread to carpets and furniture in the house. Therefore, the remediation had to go beyond water removal.
  • After assessing the damage, we begin water removal using powerful pumps and other tools. We then remove destroyed items to create room for thorough water removal.
  • Cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing is the next step. We utilize industry equipment and methods to clean floors, furniture, and other items while getting rid of odors.
  • After cleaning, we use drying tools to get rid of moisture and lower the water damage caused to your property and belongings. The best water damage remediation company in New York ensures proper drying of items to eradicate any wetness.
  • Properties need time to dry properly after water damage. Do not be in a hurry to put things back in place before your space dries properly. Our staff monitors the drying process to ensure efficiency.
  • If the water damage at your property is extensive, you might need repair services, and SERVPRO offers them. That way, you do not need to hire a different company for repairs, which saves time and ensures consistent quality of service.  

Mold Remediation After Water Damage

Mold requires professionals to eradicate it completely. Water damage can cause mold to develop at your property, causing you more remediation costs. That is why proper water removal and drying is a vital step.

If your home or commercial property has mold, SERVPRO is the best water damage remediation company in New York, as it also offers mold eradication services as well. We have highly trained experts who understand how to handle mold and ensure it is gone for good. We also have up-to-date equipment and use specialized techniques to get rid of mold.

Hiring the best water damage remediation company in New York ensures that you get quality services that match the cost. SERVPRO is available at any time of the day and offers top-notch restoration services. Contact us and get the help you need!

Restaurant in Dunwoodie, NY Requires Fire Damage Remediation

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage Remediation in Dunwoodie, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable commercial fire damage remediation services!

Restaurant in Dunwoodie, NY Requires Fire Damage Remediation

Commercial fire damage causes billions of dollars in losses, according to the National Fire Protection Association, leaving businesses disrupted. Hiring the best fire damage remediation company ensures that top-notch experts work on your property. SERVPRO of Yonkers South offers commercial fire damage remediation in New York, among other services.

We have the expertise and tools needed to help you recover after flames ruin your commercial building. Our qualified staff recently attended to fire damage at a restaurant near Dunwoodie, NY. They helped the client recover by doing repairs, salvaging unaffected items, and easing the insurance claims process.

How SERVPRO Helped Remediate the Fire Damage

If you are looking for a company that offers commercial fire damage remediation in New York, include SERVPRO on your list. We have highly-trained employees equipped with advanced equipment to handle fire damage remediation tasks.

We have the experience to put your commercial building back to its proper condition like the fire never happened. Reach out to us any time, and we will be happy to help. Here is how we handled the fire damage at the restaurant near Dunwoodie, NY.

  • Experts started with evaluating how far the fire spread and the damage caused. This is a vital step for any serious company offering commercial fire damage remediation in New York and every other place. The fire started from the kitchen, which had the most damage, and spread to other parts of the property. Soot was all over the place, causing stains on ceilings, walls, and furniture. The assessment helped us know where to start, and we emphasized to the client the need for professional tools and skills. SERVPRO experts boarded up missing walls and windows and installed tarps on destroyed roofs.
  • After the assessment and boarding up the damaged sections, we started the removal of water, which firefighters left behind after putting out the fire. We also used air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the property.
  • Once the place was free of water and dry, we removed soot and smoke from affected surfaces. Using professional tools and methods, we cleaned soot and smoke from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.
  • After smoke and soot were out of the way, SERVPRO then cleaned restorable structures and items the fire spared. Using various sanitizing techniques, we were able to clean up belongings. The staff also used industrial fogging tools and air scrubbers to eradicate odors from the restaurant.
  • Our commercial fire damage remediation in New York also offers repairs. If you need to install a fresh carpet, paint walls, or replace the drywall, SERVPRO can do that for you. Besides, we also reconstruct spaces in case of major damage to help businesses get back to operating normally.

Other Fire-related Services We Offer

Apart from getting rid of soot smoke and restoring valuables in commercial properties, SERVPRO can assist with other fire-related issues. We are one of the leading brands offering commercial fire damage remediation in New York and its surrounding. We have trained staff to handle water damage.

Our experienced workforce will get rid of the water and fix the affected areas. We also offer reconstruction services if your roof, wall, or ceiling is damaged during a fire. That way, you do not have to hire a different company to do it for you.

Additionally, we provide mold remediation services. We use specialized tools to detect moisture even in hidden areas and remove standing water to prevent mold from developing. If, for some reason, you delayed fixing the water damage, and your property already has a mold problem, we have experts to contain the mold and prevent it from spreading. That ensures the prevention of further damage to your commercial building, saving you more trouble.

Finding an entity that provides commercial fire damage remediation in New York should not be difficult. SERVPRO is ready to serve you with a qualified, trained workforce and advanced equipment to get the job done. Contact us at any time and let us help you recover after a fire, the same way we did for the restaurant near Dunwoodie, NY. 

Storm Causes Damage to Residence in Fordham Heights, NY

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO for fast, reliable storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY! Contact SERVPRO for fast, reliable storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY!

Storm Causes Damage to Residence in Fordham Heights, NY

Storms can result in substantial repair costs, affecting residential and commercial properties. It is essential to hire professionals to help with storm damage restoration. You do not want to worsen the damage or endanger your property trying to fix the issue. SERVPRO of Yonkers South is a cleaning and restoration service provider you should call. Our services are professional and prompt to ensure customers get the help they need in time.

SERVPRO Offers Storm Damage Restoration in Fordham Heights, NY

One client needed storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY and SERVPRO responded with top-notch repair services. We dispatched a team of experts to the area and helped restore the affected home. The customer was worried, considering the storm damaged the house and caused water damage to belongings. Our staff repaired the storm damage and helped with the water damage. They assisted the client to protect and salvage valuables, including documents and leather items, while preventing further damage.

Reasons to Hire SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration Services

It is prudent to seek the services of experts to handle storm damages. They have the experience and tools needed to help you recover after a storm hits. Storms can be accompanied by rain, snow, hail, and flying sand, which can damage your property and belongings. Consider SERVPRO for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, for the following reasons.

A Trusted Brand

SERVPRO is a reliable brand in the restoration business. It is a leading name in the industry and one of the top companies that will appear when searching for storm damage restoration and other services online. We have many years of experience, ensuring quality services. Apart from storm damage repairs, SERVPRO also provides water damage repairs, specialty cleaning, document restoration, and odor removal, among other services.

Experience and Expertise

SERVPRO has highly-qualified professionals with the required knowledge and skills for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other areas. Aside from initial training, we also conduct ongoing training at SERVPRO to equip the staff with up-to-date information on handling repairs more efficiently. We work on both small and large damages and have specialists to ensure customers always get high-quality services.

Available 24/7 on Any Day

You can contact SERVPRO at any time of the day for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other locations. We operate on a 24/7 365-day basis to ensure you get the assistance you need when a storm strikes. SERVPRO has strategically placed storm teams on standby should one hit. Qualified, trained technicians organize local command centers to assist customers with storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other locations. We will help you get back normal after a storm, restoring your property and belongings to proper shape in the shortest time possible.

We Ease the Insurance Claims Procedure  

Our services do not end at storm damage restoration. We help clients through the insurance claims process to make things easier. We coordinate the needed paperwork to ensure faster, easier claims processing. Forbes Advisor emphasizes the importance of double-checking your insurance plan to be sure of the storm damages it covers, such as wind, rain, hail, fallen trees, sewer backups, and power outages.

Besides working on residential properties, we also offer services to hospitals, municipalities, universities, and business premises. Our storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other areas is satisfactory and high-quality.

Contact SERVPRO at any time of the day for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other locations nearby. We have the experts and equipment needed to provide quality services on your property. We also assist with insurance claims processing to give you an easier experience.

SERVPRO of Yonkers South - The Best Commercial Water Damage Repair Company in New York

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Repair in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable commercial water damage repair services!

SERVPRO of Yonkers South - The Best Commercial Water Damage Repair Company in New York

Water damage endangers the structural integrity of your commercial property. If left unrepaired, it can cost you massive restoration expenses. SERVPRO of Yonkers South is a leading company in the property remediation industry, and one of the services we provide is commercial water damage repair. We have years of experience that allow us to provide a variety of quality services.

SERVPRO is one of the best commercial water damage repair companies in New York. Our services are available to Yonkers and many other surrounding areas. We recently attended to a business building in Yonkers that had water damage due to a leaking plumbing system and one burst pipe that caused flooding in parts of the structure.

When the client called us, we had a water damage team on standby to assist with the repairs. Our qualified, trained experts moved in quickly and helped contain the flooding, repairing the damaged plumbing system on time using advanced cleaning and restoration tools. The affected businesses were able to get back to work within a short period, preventing losses.  

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage arises from different things, including the following.

  • Leaks in plumbing systems
  • Water overflow
  • Clogged gutters
  • Heavy rains and flooding
  • Extreme snow
  • Storms

SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Repair Services

According to The Detection Group, water damage takes more than 50% of commercial real estate insurance claims. As the best commercial water damage repair company in New York, SERVPRO has the required experts and equipment to conduct water damage repairs efficiently. We are available 24/7 throughout the year to ensure you get the assistance you need at any time of the day. Our staff offers quick response to damaged events to prevent more destruction.

SERVPRO is able to handle both minor and large commercial water damage jobs. In case of large loss events, the company is able to mobilize all the resources and tools needed to handle the job efficiently. The commercial water damage repair services we provide include the following.

Drying, Odor Elimination, and Cleaning

SERVPRO has teams of specialists to handle different water damage tasks, ensuring you get to spend money on the best commercial water damage repair company in New York. We have structural drying technicians to curb water damage and odor control experts to eradicate bad smells at your property. Besides, we offer professional fabric and upholstery cleaning services to restore these items to their proper pre-damage condition.

Mold Remediation

Water damage can also cause mold in your property. Mold spreads to other parts of a building, and you need a professional to eradicate it. Being an example of the best commercial water damage repair company in New York, SERVPRO also handles mold remediation. Our staff works to contain the mold and eliminate it from your property, preventing further damage to the structure.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms can be minor or severe. They can cause flooding, heavy rains, flying sand, or hail, events that lead to water damage. SERVPRO provides storm damage repairs as well. We have the equipment and experts needed to work on water damages and ensure offices and businesses get back to the usual day-to-day activities.

A Disaster Recovery Team

SERVPRO also has a commercial large loss department that consists of the best experts in the restoration business. An operations manager supervises each large loss event and major weather disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes to ensure smooth communication and timely restoration.

Choosing the best commercial water damage repair company in New York ensures that experienced specialists handle large loss events effectively and seamlessly. SERVPRO has the resources and adequate workforce to carry out the mitigation measures for massive water damage occurrences.

This is why SERVPRO is the best commercial water damage repair company in New York. We offer quality services, having the experts and equipment needed to get the job done.  No matter the cause of water damage at your property, we are always here to help.

How to Prevent Residential Storm Damage in Kingsbridge, NY

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable storm damage repair in Kingsbridge, NY! Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable storm damage repair in Kingsbridge, NY!

How to Prevent Residential Storm Damage in Kingsbridge, NY

As a homeowner, it is your top priority to ensure that your property is safe, well maintained, and in perfect condition. Part of doing this is ensuring that your home is safe from storms, which can happen any time.

Well, you can’t control the weather. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to prevent severe residential storm damage. Keep reading to find out these steps.

Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles

Regularly replace damaged or missing shingles within your house. Missing shingles creates room for wind to get into the house, which can cause a lot of damage. When replacing this, ensure they are appropriately nailed — not above the nail line.

Deal with Drainage Problems

Water damage is a common challenge following a storm, and it can cause severe damage to your property. It can occur in various ways, but the most common is water draining into your foundation, damaging it. 

It would help to clean your gutters once in a while to make sure that they are flowing freely and that they are directing water away from your home. Also, you can work with landscaping professionals who can help you identify the problems and come up with solutions. This way, you will be prepared when storms come.

Inspect Roof Periodically

A strong roof ought to withstand storms. However, if your roof is more than five years old, it may have loose sheathing, nails, and even shingles. The shingles may blow off in a storm, and the sheathing and loose nails may create openings for water to penetrate. It would help to have your roof inspected by professionals such as SERVPRO of Yonkers South, who offer storm damage repair in Kingsbridge.

Consider New or Impact-Rated Windows

It is advisable to board up or install hurricane shutters on your windows to protect them from storm damage. Additionally, replace your windows once in a while as new windows are likely safer from storm damage than older ones. Besides, if you live in areas that experience frequent storms, it is wise to consider windows that can withstand storm-level impact and air pressure.

Trim Nearby Trees

Tree branches near your home can fall on your house, causing severe damages to the roof and even other parts of the house. Trimming your trees is essential as it will lead to fewer or no branches falling following a storm. You can do the trimming yourself. However, for heavy branches, consider reaching out to professionals. They can also inspect and inform you the trees are at risk of being blown over by a storm.

Identify Items That Could Become Projectiles

It is crucial to inspect the surroundings of your property to check if there are no objects that the winds can throw during a storm, causing damage. These items could be flower pots, picnic tables, furniture, or even tools. It would help to ensure that you move them into the house or the garage.

Secure the House Foundation

It is wise to inspect your house’s foundation to ensure that it is waterproof. A small crack on the foundation can allow water into your home, causing water damage during a storm. Regularly inspect the foundation walls for cracks and contact professionals in storm damage repair in Kingsbridge, NY, such as SERVPRO. They will make necessary repairs before a major storm hits your area.


You can take numerous steps to ensure that your house withstands storm damage. However, if storm damage does occur in your home, call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. We will repair the storm damages and leave your home looking as good as new.

Rainstorm in Yonkers, NY Causes Flood Damage in Basement

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY Storm Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY

Water Damage Leaves Basement Flooded in South Yonkers, NY

In many ways, rain is a blessing, and there’s a reason to be grateful. Rain helps plants and vegetation grow. It gets rid of dust, and in some cases, provides you with drinking water. However, rain can just be as damaging as it is beneficial. For example, a heavy downpour can leave your house flooded, leaving you in dire need of service providers dealing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

Whenever you experience water damage from a storm, the steps you take will determine the level of damage. For example, one of the first steps you should take after experiencing water damage from a rainstorm is contacting experts like SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

A family that recently moved to the Yonkers South area were the unfortunate victims of water damage in their basement. The basement water damage was caused by a heavy downpour during a rainstorm. This damage left the family requiring experts specializing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

The rain started like any other, and the family was sure the storm would pass. This family had only moved to South Yonkers four months before the water damage ordeal. During these four months, it had rained a few times, and while the intensity of the rain was gradually increasing, it all seemed to pass without any damage.

This time, the family thought it would be the same scenario. Little did they know, they would later be calling the SERVPRO team for storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

After a few hours of heavy rain, it was evident something was off. The area around the house was holding a lot more water than usual. Normally, the water around the house would flow as the rain continued. This time, however, the water had become stagnant.

The rain continued through the night. In the early morning hours, the family was up and getting ready to start their day. The kids were just waking up to get ready for school, and the parents were preparing to go to work.

One of the kids needed to grab something from the basement, and soon as they opened the door, they saw the basement was not only flooded, but the water was quickly rising.

At this point, the family tried to salvage whatever they could from the basement. However, after their efforts turned futile, they knew they had one option to mitigate the basement water damage. It was at this point the family contacted the SERVPRO team for their effective services dealing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

The SERVPRO team acted quickly. Within a few minutes, the team had already arrived at the family home to help with storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY. They identified that the water was seeping in from the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, since nothing like this had ever happened before, there was no sump pump installed in the house.

As a result, the storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY team evacuated everything that could be salvaged from the basement. At the same time, they brought out equipment to pump the water from the house. After this, the SERVPRO team broke into various factions to handle different tasks. One team was dealing with cleaning and drying the items that had been rescued. The other teams were mitigating the damage and ensuring the effects of the water damage did not move to other parts of the house.

After everything was sorted by the storm damage cleanup crew in Yonkers, NY, the family decided to install a sump pump. This would remove any gradual water that was building up around the house, thus minimizing the risk that similar damage would ever happen again. In a short while, the damage had been cleaned up, and you could hardly tell there was water damage on the premises, thanks to the SERVPRO team.

Home in the Bronx Requires Restoration After Kitchen Fire

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration in the Bronx, NY Fire Damage Restoration in the Bronx, NY

Home in the Bronx Requires Restoration after Kitchen Fire

Are you looking for fire damage restoration in the Bronx, NY? Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. We serve this location and many others, offering repair services after fires to help clients get back to normalcy in their homes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a home fire occurs every 89 seconds, and SERVPRO exists to help you deal with the aftermath. SERVPRO recently helped with residential fire damage restoration in the Bronx, NY, that occurred after a kitchen fire.

How SERVPRO Helped in Handling the Fire Damage in The Bronx

The kitchen is one of the places in which a fire is highly likely to occur in a home. SERVPRO comes in to help with restoration after the damage, and the repair process involves a few steps.

  • For starters, our client called us for fire damage restoration in the Bronx, NY. We ask several questions about the event at your property to determine the experts and services you will need. Note that our customer care desk operates 24 hours a day. Our services are available at any time of the day to help you salvage your belongings and prevent further damage to your home.
  • When we arrive at your premises, the first thing we do is assess the extent of the damage caused. We started with inspecting the kitchen and other rooms in the house to know the degree of smoke, fire, and soot damage. Our professionals are thorough to ensure they do not miss anything. They also coordinate with fire marshals, investigators, and insurance companies to establish the damage caused to your property and valuables.
  • Next, we do board-up and roof-tarp fixes. Experts board up broken windows and walls and set up covers on damaged roofs. Doing so prevents more damage to the house and ensures no additional repair costs. SERVPRO also offers debris removal, temporary repair to the structure, and emergency power installation.
  • What follows is removing water if there is water damage and drying surfaces using dehumidifiers and air movers.  
  • Fires leave a mess in the house with smoke and soot all over the place. We employ specialized tools and mechanisms to remove smoke and soot from walls and ceilings.  
  • The next step is cleaning up and sanitization. Our staff removes damaged materials carefully while reducing the damage to areas and items that can be salvaged. If you need to pack some things, our team can help with that and the restoration of items like electronics and vital documents.

SERVPRO also provides repair and construction services to restore your house to its initial condition. We help with minor and extensive repairs on the affected areas. If you need construction services or repairs after sanitization, we have a department to help with that.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Restoration Services?

SERVPRO is a leading name in the home restoration business. Apart from offering fire damage restoration in the Bronx, NY, we are available in many other locations. Reach out to our 24-hour customer care center and get the services you need.

We have qualified experts that undergo continuous training to ensure you get the best, high-quality services. They are professional and do restoration in the shortest time possible to bring back comfort to your home.

SERVPRO will help with water removal and eliminate soot, smoke, and odors from your home. We can handle any size of fire damage at your property and help you with the insurance claims process to make it easier and quicker for you.

If you need fire damage restoration in the Bronx, NY, call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. We are here to help you get through the destruction at your property efficiently and professionally. Contact our customer care center for quality services after fire damage.

How to Choose the Best Fire Damage Repair Company in Yonkers, NY

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage to window with a board over it in Yonkers South Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable fire damage repair services!

How to Choose the Best Fire Damage Repair Company in Yonkers, NY

Dealing with the aftermath of fire damage can be very devastating. It leaves you confused about the extent of the damage and where to start the restoration. In such a situation, you need a trustworthy fire damage repair company to meet your needs for your peace. With many companies offering fire damage restoration services, it can be challenging to decide on the best one to hire.

To help you out, here are tips you can use to choose the best fire damage repair company in Yonkers, NY.

Consider the Process

Unlike what most people think, there is more to fire damage restoration than just cleaning and repainting. It involves securing the safety of the property and those around the house, cleaning every corner of the house, cleaning any water damage, and even renovating the property. Though the processes are similar for most companies, they are all unique. Therefore, it is wise to understand and compare the process that each company uses and choose the company that provides the most detailed restoration process.

Consider the Licensing, Insurance, and Certification.

Working with insured and licensed companies like SERVPRO of Yonkers South has many advantages. First, these companies legally offer you fire damage restoration services within your building. 

Another advantage is that the company’s certifications you are working with give you peace of mind. You can relax and trust them, believing that they have the experience and skills required to perform restorations correctly. The most vital certification to verify is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a sign of quality and reliable services.


Fire emergencies are unpredictable. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a company such as SERVPRO that is ready to respond at any time of the day or night. Check to see the response time and availability of the specific fire damage restoration services before hiring their services.

A critical part of availability is communication. Fire damage restoration is not a one-day project. You will need a company that keeps updating you on the progress, the timeframe of the project, and what is required of you. In emergencies such as fire damage, time is of the essence, and proper communication is critical to making sure things run as smoothly as possible.


It is essential to research and find out what past clients are saying regarding the company you are considering hiring—there are many ways of doing this. First, you can go through the company’s online reviews. Read both the negative and positive reviews on the company’s website and social media platforms; this will help you better understand their services and even experience level. Also, you can take time to ask around among your family and friends and anyone who might have worked with the company before.


Multiple issues typically accompany fire damage on a property. For example, there may be water damage following fire damage. Work with a company that can address all the issues with fire damage and that has fully trained technicians equipped to handle any situation they encounter. Avoid working with a company that may need to call another team of experts to deal with a new issue. It may lead to inconsistency, added costs, and delayed services delivery.


Choosing the right fire damage restoration partner can be challenging. However, with the proper research and consideration, you can easily pick a company with the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to meet your needs. If you seek a company that can offer the best fire damage repair company in Yonkers, NY, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and we will help you recover from your fire damage in no time.

Business in Yonkers, NY Calls SERVPRO After Water Damage Occurs

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Wall and pole damage in Yonkers, NY Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Yonkers, NY

Business in Yonkers, NY Calls SERVPRO After Water Damage Occurs

Plunging sub-zero temperatures followed by rapid warm-up periods can cause frozen pipes to burst. This was the case in Yonkers, New York, where a local business owner experienced pipe bursts that caused significant water damage and massive inconveniences.

Dealing with water damage from a burst pipe can be stressful, daunting, and overwhelming. It can ruin flooring, soften drywall, and damage a building's structure, making the workspaces unstable. The business owner did the right thing by making a call immediately.

Fortunately, SERVPRO of Yonkers South was at hand to quickly formulate and implement an effective commercial water damage restoration project. Herein, we will detail how SERVPRO experts helped our satisfied client mitigate further property damage and get their business operations back to normal in record time.

Arrival at the Site

We immediately dispatched our experts and technicians to conduct the initial assessment of the commercial property. By the time we arrived, the business owner had contacted the maintenance department to shut off the water and electricity mains. This is the first thing you need to do to prevent further water damage.

Our experts proceeded to conduct a thorough inspection of the property. The assessment serves to determine the source of the leaks, the extent of the water damage and help formulate the plan for commercial water damage restoration in Yonkers, NY. During our assessment, we documented all the damage for insurance claims purposes. Once we had agreed on all the aspects of the project, the restoration could commence.

The Commercial Water Damage Restoration Process

1. Clearance

The first step was removing all the valuable wet furniture, electronics, business assets, paperwork, personal items, carpeting, and upholstery from the affected areas. Some items could be salvaged or repaired, while others we had to dispose of.

2. Water Extraction

Water extraction was the next step once we had cleared the affected area. The best commercial water damage restoration in Yonkers, NY, utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure property structures are dry.

SERVPRO experts used high-power pumps, industrial vacuums, and water extraction units to remove all standing water from the commercial property. Our water extraction services helped prevent critical structural damage and mold growth.

3. Drying and Dehumidifying

The next step was drying out and dehumidifying the property. Our technicians used drying systems including high-power fans, air-movers, air fans, moisture meters, and desiccants to dry the walls, ceilings, flooring, building cavities, fixtures, baseboards, paneling, and all the wet items.

We then proceeded with the dehumidifying process to eliminate any remaining moisture from the building. This process prevents the leftover moisture from settling down on building materials. SERVPRO technicians then carried out property disinfection utilizing EPA- approved sanitization and disinfection solutions.

3. The Restoration Process

The most significant component of commercial water damage restoration in Yonkers, NY, is the actual restoration. The first step in this process was to repair the burst pipes we had located during the initial assessment. SERVPRO's plumbing experts cut out and replaced the affected pipe sections, ensuring the new water pipes were well secured and not leaking.

We then began the repair reconstruction process. Our restoration professionals installed new sections of drywall, flooring, and fixtures in the affected areas. Some sections of the business space were carpeted. Our crew thoroughly cleaned and dried the carpeting, but we had to replace the carpeting in some quarters.

We also repaired and repainted several walls and ceilings that exhibited extensive water damage. Fortunately, due to quick action, we could save most of the furniture and electronics. These and all valuable business assets that we could salvage and repair were cleaned, dried, and reinstalled in their original locations. Our highly satisfied client could now resume business operations.

Frozen water pipes wreaked havoc on our client’s business in Yonkers and brought his operations to a standstill. SERVPRO’s certified professionals helped our client repair and rebuild in time and within the budget stipulated in our agreement.

If you have dealt with water damage from a burst pipe, then you know how overwhelming it can be. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with commercial water damage restoration in Yonkers, NY. SERVPRO is well-staffed, well-equipped, experienced, and available 24/7 to ensure your business is up and running in no time.

Home in Fordham Heights, NY Deals With Fire Damage

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Remediation in Fordham Heights, NY Fire Damage Remediation in Fordham Heights, NY

Home in Fordham Heights, NY Deals With Fire Damage

According to the National Fire Protection Association, every 23 seconds, the fire department in the US responds to a fire somewhere in the country, and home fires occur every 89 seconds. Besides, a report issued in September 2021 reveals that local fire departments responded to over 1,300,000 fires in 2020, which led to $21.9billion in property damage. SERVPRO exists to help you repair your home after fire damage.

A few months ago, we responded to a client’s need for fire damage remediation services in a house near Fordham Heights, NY. We helped our client get back to normalcy through a few steps and provided high-quality, satisfactory services. The process involved in our fire damage remediation services is simple.

The Fire Damage Remediation Process

Step 1: The process starts with you calling us after a fire. The client called the local SERVPRO premises for services. Our customer care center runs on a 24-hour basis. We ask several questions when you call about the fire destruction at your property. The information you provide helps us send the nearest SERVPRO experts to your address.

Step 2: Inspection and fire damage evaluation is the next task. SERVPRO staff examined and tested the connecting rooms of the caller’s house to establish the scope of the fire, soot, and smoke damage. The inspection team works with investigators, the fire marshal, and insurance companies to determine the degree of damage to belongings and materials.

Step 3: The assessment stage is followed by roof-tarp and board-up tasks. To ensure safety and prevent further damage, SERVPRO professionals board up damaged walls and windows and install covers on destroyed roofs. We also provide temporary structural repair, debris removal, and temporary lighting and emergency power installation.

Step 4: Removing and drying water follows. In case of water damage, we begin water removal and afterwards use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the house.

Step 5: We also use specialized tools and methods for soot and smoke removal from all surfaces, including walls and ceilings.

Step 6: After that, we do cleaning and sanitization. SERVPRO experts remove the affected materials carefully while minimizing damage to restorable and affected surfaces. Our workforce can also help you pack, and we provide restoration of special items, including art, documents, and electronics. 

Step 7: Our company also offers repair and construction to get your property back to its pre-damage condition. We help clients rebuild the affected areas, conducting minor and major repairs. That way, you do not have to use different companies for fire damage remediation services, which ensures quality consistency.

Why Hire SERVPRO of Yonkers South?

SERVPRO of Yonkers South provides fire damage remediation services for commercial and residential property after a fire or smoke damage. Our services are available 24/7, and we have experienced professionals who undergo continuous training to stay up to date with the latest techniques in fire damage remediation.

Our fire damage remediation services are available in other areas aside from Fordham Heights, NY. Contact us and let our qualified, highly skilled experts help with fire damage restoration. We specialize in the removal of smoke odor and deep cleaning soot from carpets, upholstery, and walls.

We will also help you through the insurance claim procedure. Many local and national insurance companies trust our over 50 years of experience in the restoration and cleanup industry. We assist clients in getting through the claims procedure and coordinating the required paperwork for a smooth, faster experience.

Contact SERVPRO at any time for top-notch fire damage remediation services. We have the professionals and tools needed to get your house back to allow you to go on with your day-to-day activities.

Need Sewage Cleanup Services in NY? Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South

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Water damage to ceiling in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO for fast, reliable sewage cleanup in Yonkers, NY!

Sewage Cleanup Services in South Yonkers

Sewage leaks are not only appalling, but they also pose a damage hazard to your home and your property. Whenever there’s a sewage leak, you need to take actionable steps and call the relevant personnel to deal with the situation before it gets worse.

SERVPRO of Yonkers South is a professional sewage cleaning company that has for long been regarded as the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers. The SERVPRO team will help you when you have sewer backup issues, either in the home or on a commercial premises.

In the case of sewer damage, contacting professional sewer removal services is imperative. When left unattended, sewer backups can lead to an array of complications.

In a recent case, a family had to deal with sewer backup and damage issues in their longtime home. This problem left them in dire need of the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers. The problem started off as a terrible smell, but soon enough, it was apparent there was a sewage backup in the basement.

The family was prudent enough to reach out to the SERVPRO team, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers. When the team arrived, it was clear they had to act quickly as the sewage was quickly rising. Had the team delayed, it would have left the home inhabitable for a long time, and the monetary damage would have been unimaginable.

After the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers arrived, they broke off into various teams, with each team handling a different section to assure maximum results.

Next, the SERVPRO team shut off the water, gas, and electricity supply to ensure that the damage did not cascade further. This is an integral step as you may not be able to shut off these services after the damage has spread. In some cases, leaving the water and electricity on can lead to further damage to your home.

The best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers then ventilated the basement to ensure the smell did not spread to other parts of the house. While it is possible to eliminate the sewage smell, the longer it lingers, the harder it is to eliminate. In some cases, the smell can render a house inhabitable for weeks or even months.

After that, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers added small amounts of chlorine bleach to the stagnant sewage water. This step helps disinfect the area and prevent further contamination. Evidently, sewage water carries a lot of debris and filth. The way you deal with this blackwater damage and contamination will determine the success of your efforts.

After these steps, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers used a pump to remove the sewage water from the basement. In the end, you could hardly tell there was any spillage just from looking at the place. Of course, there was still some foul smell, so the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers was not yet done. The SERVPRO team also shoveled debris and dirt that had accumulated into disposable bags, thereby ensuring the premises was as spotless as before. 

Finally, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers cleaned all the furniture in the basement, including the carpet and walls. Ultimately, this left a clean place where the family could comfortably move back in after a few days. The SERVPRO team was thorough enough to endure all the damage was taken care of, and the place was habitable.

If you ever experience sewage damage in your home or business, contact SERVPRO, the best sewage cleanup company in Yonkers, and they will quickly take care of the damage before it gets worse.

Storm Damage in Your Home? Call the Best Storm Damage Cleanup Company in New York

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Roof damage in Yonkers, NY! Call SERVPRO for fast, reliable storm damage cleanup services in Yonkers, NY!

Storm Damage in Your Home? Call the Best Storm Damage Cleanup Company in New York

Various types of storms and adverse weather events hit New York from time to time. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, wind storms, snowstorms, and hail storms can cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Storm damage is among the leading causes of home insurance claims

When you face the stressful and daunting task of cleaning up after a storm in Yonkers, New York, SERVPRO of Yonkers South is the company to turn to. SERVPRO has the expertise, personnel, experience, and equipment to handle all kinds of storm damage cleanup and restoration projects.

We pride ourselves on being the best storm damage cleanup company in New York. Below is an overview of a satisfactory storm cleanup project our experts in Yonkers South undertook that cemented our reputation for excellent service.

The Initial Assessment/Inspection

Once our client in Yonkers South made the call, we immediately dispatched our experts to conduct a thorough examination of the exterior and interior of the residential property. Once we had documented the damage, we discussed the cleanup and renovation plans with our client.

SERVPRO experts also advised the client on how to handle the insurance claims for maximum benefits. The area had been affected by a thunder and hail storm, with strong winds that had caused extensive damage. Below are the affected areas that our client needed us to clean up and restore:

  • Roof damage – Strong winds and hail had torn off and damaged parts of the roof. Some debris and fallen tree branches had left cracks and gaps.
  • Siding damage – Large chunks of hail and flying debris had left indented marks on the siding.
  • Windows and doors – Flying debris has cracked and disfigured some windows and doors. Some water had intruded and affected the doors and window framing structure.
  • Interior damage – Water intrusion was the main culprit in interior damage. Some building materials and furnishings had been ruined.
  • Foundation damage – Heavy rains had saturated the property’s basement and the property’s.

The Cleanup Process

SERVPRO experts began work once we had agreed upon everything and organized and efficient move-out of the affected areas. The first task was securing the property through our roof tarping and board-up services.

The best storm damage cleanup company in New York offers these essential services to protect the property from the elements, debris, and vandalism until the restoration is complete.

The next step was removing any valuables that could be saved or repaired, including furnishings and upholstery, from the home. Our experts then focused on managing the water damage. We employed water extraction techniques and equipment, including high-power pumps and vacuums, to remove the standing water from the property. We then dehumidified and dried the affected areas so the actual storm cleanup process could begin.

The SERVPRO team then removed and disposed of all the items, materials, and structural components too damaged to salvage. We proceeded to remove all debris, broken glass, dirt, and other contaminants from the home interior. Moving on to the property exterior, we removed all the fallen tree branches, debris, damaged siding, and damaged roofing.

The Restoration Process

The best storm damage cleanup company in New York is well-equipped and staffed to handle all the repairs and structural restoration so that our client didn't have to outsource. Our roofing experts repaired and fixed all the damaged areas of the roofing, including shingles, flashings, gutters, and insulation, following up on damage points identified during the inspection stage.

SERVPRO professionals then demolished and rebuilt all the compromised structural components, including the siding. We repaired or replaced all the affected doors, windows, flooring materials, carpeting, upholstery, cabinetry, furnishings, plumbing, and electricals. SERVPRO made many considerations, including the local building code, building conditions, and insurance and cost requirements to restore our client's home to preloss condition within the stipulated timeline.

When a devastating storm in Yonkers disrupted the life of our client and displaced him from his home, the best storm damage cleanup company in New York was there to return his life back to normal. Don't hesitate to call us immediately if you face the same predicament - we can do the same for you! SERVPRO's highly trained, well-equipped, experienced, and readily available experts will help secure your property, prevent further damage, and return your property to livable condition on time and within budget.

Water Damage in Your Business? Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South

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Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services in Yonkers, NY Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services in Yonkers, NY

Water Damage in Your Business? Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South

Regardless of the cause, may it be broken pipes, floods, or damaged gutters or roofs, water damage in your business can be very devastating. It can cost you a lot of property damage and money, as it means temporarily closing your business for an unknown period. To minimize these losses, choose a reputable commercial water damage cleanup company like SERVPRO of Yonkers South. 

A few days ago, our commercial property client in Southeast Yonkers had water damage in their building. Luckily, the client had our contact and reached us immediately. With our skilled team of experts, we worked quickly to minimize damage and restore her property, helping the client go back to business in no time.

Keep reading to find out what made this cleanup process simple and efficient. From this information, you’ll understand why you ought to call on SERVPRO whenever you encounter water damage within your commercial property.

Complete water damage restoration services
It can be time-consuming and stressful to work with multiple commercial water damage cleanup providers to get your property restored after water damage. Just like we did for our client discussed above, we will offer you complete service restoration. Unlike most water restoration companies, we offer you water damage cleanup and do any repairs needed within your building that may result from water damage. We handle the whole job from the moment we get to your property to the moment that your property is clean and ready for use.

24/7 Emergency Response 

Water damage can occur at any time of the day or night hence cannot be planned. For example, the one for our client happened late in the night. The longer the water stays with your property, the more the damage compounds. Therefore, it is wise to choose SERVPRO, so you can get a response at any time of the day, even weekends and holidays. Due to our quick response, your commercial property will undergo the least amount of damage possible.


With more than 50 years of experience in the commercial water damage cleanup industry, we bring a lot of accumulated knowledge to your property. Our vast experience allows us to deliver satisfactory and fast results based on trusted, accurate, and tested services. Also, it enables us to use advanced equipment, reliable customer services, and technical expertise. This way, we ensure that your commercial property is clean, dry, and back to its pre-damaged condition within days, as in the case of our Southeast Yonkers client.


Just like we did for our customer, we will use top-of-the-line equipment, quickening the water damage cleanup process. This sophisticated equipment and efficient job completion help us outperform our competition.

Depending on your unique situation, here is the equipment that we commonly use:

Truck-mounted extractors

Sub-floor drying equipment


Air scrubbers

Thermal drying trailers

Viking drying systems

Air movers and fans

Wood-floor drying systems


Thanks to our licensing by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we can provide effective and safe cleaning services. This licensing means that we are committed to following standard practical procedures for commercial water damage cleanup, which increases our efficiency. Just like we did for our client, we will clearly show you our license on arrival. This way, you can relax, knowing that your property is in safe hands.


If you need Commercial Water Damage Cleanup services, call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. We are dedicated to partnering with you throughout the cleanup process and are committed to ensuring that your business gets back to normal as quickly as possible. Trust your business to the professionals who wrote the playbook for commercial water damage cleanup.

How to Pick the Best Fire Damage Remediation Company in Yonkers, NY

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Call SERVPRO for Reliable Fire Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY! Call SERVPRO for Reliable Fire Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY!

How to Pick the Best Fire Damage Remediation Company in Yonkers, NY

Since human beings discovered fire, we’ve always been in awe of its destructive power. While harnessing fire can be an awesome thing in its power, it’s equally awesome in its destructive capabilities. You need to keep this in mind as a home or business owner.

Whether it’s an electrical fault, kitchen accident, wildfire, or a spilled candle, fire damage to your property can be highly extensive and widespread. Even after the fire is out, there’ll be plenty of work to do. That’s where we come in. While there are plenty of fire damage restoration companies in Yonkers, NY, they are not all created equal. You need a professional, reliable, competent service to get things done when worst comes to worst.  

SERVPRO of Yonkers South is just the outfit to take care of things. Let’s take a look at the qualities of a solid fire damage remediation company and why your first call should be SERVPRO.


Damage remediation and emergency services are two sides to the same coin - they all need to be readily accessible in your time of need. There are too many fire damage restoration companies out there that will hold you up in your darkest hour.

You need a local company that offers 24-hour service throughout the year. Emergencies don’t come with a schedule, so find a company that allows you to call them in at any time, any day.

Local Knowledge

You don’t want to call in a company with no idea of your area’s infrastructure, urban design, and construction protocols. That will usually end in plenty of time, money, and tears wasted. Call in people you can find in your local area.

You will then be sure that they know what needs to be done in your case. A handy tool is this Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification Locator.

Proper Credentials

As with anything regarding your property, you should always check to ensure that the outfits you’re contracting are properly insured and licensed. A properly insured restoration professional will protect their employees and technicians from any accidents and damage to your property. 


There’s nothing wrong with being new in an industry - everybody has to start somewhere, right? Even so, there’s a lot to be said for experience when it comes to fire damage restoration.

In an unfortunately high number of instances, homeowners find themselves incurring additional costs or having to fight court battles due to shoddy work carried out by inexperienced workers. Save yourself the trouble and go for an experienced outfit every time.

Industry Standards

Fire damage remediation is not a "let’s see how it goes" kind of thing - there are set protocols that professionals follow to ensure the best outcome for the property owner.

The IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) has set rules for this kind of operation, referred to as the S740 Standard, which covers the restoration of smoke and fire-damaged items on a professional basis. Don’t settle for less.


Any restoration or remediation contractor you call into your property should have proven themselves to be able to handle the job. SERVPRO has extensive experience serving clients in the Yonkers South region and beyond, so you can be sure of quality service. Check us out here to see just what we can do. 

Before You Go

No home or business owner wishes to see their property suffer from fire damage; it’s a reality that might befall anyone. To ensure that your belongings are properly restored, you need to have reliable fire damage restoration companies on your side like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO has extensive experience in this field, having served thousands of Yonkers South residents over the years. While we hope you never have to make the call, make us your first one. You’ll be glad that you did!

The Best Storm Damage Cleanup Company in New York

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Damage to roof Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for Fast, Reliable Storm Damage Cleanup Services!

The Best Storm Damage Cleanup Company in New York

Hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hailstorms, and snowstorms can hit unexpectedly and damage anything in their path. New York experiences its fair share of storms and severe weather that can cause devastating damage to buildings and homes.

Indoor flooding can cause serious water damage, and the strong winds that accompany storms can rip apart roofing, siding, and other structures. The winds can also blow over utility poles, trees, and other objects that can cause significant property damage. Storm damage requires immediate attention to prevent extensive structural damage and mold growth.

Fortunately, SERVPRO is the best storm damage cleanup company in New York, providing exceptional cleanup and restoration services. We understand that handling storm damage cleanup can be a daunting and stressful task. As such, we are fully dedicated to stabilizing and repairing heavily damaged businesses, homes, and other properties to prevent situations from getting worse.

Our Professional Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Storm and water damage cleanup and restoration processes may vary depending on the cause and severity of the damage. However, there are some basic steps that experts from SERVPRO of Yonkers South undertake to ensure your property is back to pre-storm condition within the stipulated timeline.

1. Securing the Property

We first ensure all-electric and gas services are off before entering the property. Storms can also leave behind damaged roofs, broken glass, and other damage. We board up and tarp damaged windows, doors, siding, and roofing to shut off access and prevent vandalism.

2. Assessment

Following a storm, insurance firms often require an official report on the condition of your property to advance the claims process. For this reason, the first step in our storm damage cleanup process is getting a complete assessment of the damage.

Our certified experts will inspect the roofing, exterior, interior, basements, and other structures to determine the extent of the damage and plan the cleanup and restoration process.

3. Flood Water Cleanup

Water can penetrate drywall, wood, flooring, and other materials. Once our team has removed all the valuables that can be saved or repaired from the property, the flood water cleanup process can begin.

We have the right equipment to remove all standing water from affected areas, including specialized pumps and vacuums. SERVPRO experts then utilize high-power fans and dehumidifiers to dry building materials, carpeting, and wet furnishings.

4. Storm Damage Cleanup

The storm damage cleanup process involves clearing any tree branches, bushes, and other natural materials from the interior and exterior of the property. We then clear broken glass, damaged siding, roofing, and other non-natural debris.

5. Restoration

Storm damage restoration is the final step and involves returning your property or home to pre-storm condition. We are well equipped and have the necessary expertise to handle all the necessary repairs.

Our restoration experts will repair the damaged roofing, siding, windows, doors, flooring, carpeting, drywall, and other structural components of the property. We will also replace any damaged cabinets, piping, electrical components, and furnishings. Depending on the storm damage, the scope of restoration can be small or extensive.

Why Choose Us

  • Quick and Timely Services – It’s imperative to tackle storm damage quickly to prevent further damage. SERVPRO experts are available round the clock and will ensure the cleanup and restoration process is undertaken quickly to get you back to your activity in no time.
  • Well-Equipped and Highly Skilled – We have invested in advanced restoration tools and sophisticated equipment to tackle all types of storm damage cleanup projects. Our experts and personnel are highly trained, certified, and experienced to ensure all projects are done right the first time.  
  • Reduced Total Loss and Restoration Costs – Our professional services help you reduce overall losses and costs of cleanup and restoration. With a timely cleanup, you will be able to save valuable possessions and prevent extensive structural damage that will be costly to repair if not properly handled.
  • Handle Insurance Claims – SERVPRO’s experts know how to handle insurance companies. If you don’t have experience with insurance claims, we can help you get the maximum benefits.

Storm damage can be devastating and can affect anyone, which is why it is advisable to enlist the services of a reputable professional storm damage cleanup and restoration company. SERVPRO will be your partner if you are stressed, worried, overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start when disaster strikes in New York.

Don’t hesitate to contact the best storm damage cleanup company in New York immediately if you experience a storm, water, or flood damage. Our experts are available 24/7 and will work fast to ensure you are back to your daily activities within the stipulated timeframe.

Leaking Roof Causes Water Damage to Home in the Bronx

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Water Damage Remediation in the Bronx, NY Water Damage Remediation in the Bronx, NY

Leaking Roof Leaves Family in Need of Water Damage Remediation in the Bronx

The roof is undoubtedly one of the key elements of a house. Before renting or buying your next home, it's important to clearly inspect the roof and ensure everything is up to code. Leaky and faulty roofs can greatly inconvenience your family and lead to massive losses.

Unfortunately, many people disregard roof safety when factoring in where to live. According to research, household leaks waste about a trillion gallons of water every year. Recently, a young family in the Bronx had to learn about the devastating effects of water damage resulting from a leaking roof.

This young family recently moved to the Bronx. The move was necessitated by the parents finding work in the area. The two kids were enrolled in school, and everything seemed okay. However, events that would play out over the next few weeks left the family needing water damage remediation in the Bronx from SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

Initially, there were no issues when the family moved in as the house seemed perfect and fit their dreams. The family was able to take care of the bills for the cozy home, and all was okay. Since the family had moved from a larger house out of state, they had to store some of their items in the attic.

After living in the home for a while, the family noticed they were paying considerably more in heating and general utility bills. Sure, it had been a bit colder over the last few weeks, but even that couldn't explain the high heating bill cost. The feeling that something was definitely wrong was solidified when the weather got warm, and the family was still spending big on cooling bills.

However, the family didn't know what the problem was. In the following weeks, it began raining, and this was when the family knew they needed immediate water damage remediation in the Bronx. At this point, the parents looked for a reputable company dealing in water damage remediation in the Bronx.

After looking at several options, the family opted to use the highly rated SERVPRO water damage remediation in the Bronx. SERVPRO sent a team to investigate what the problem was. True to their suspicion, the roof was leaking.

Although the leaks in the roof looked small, they were responsible for the increased heating and utility bills the family experienced. Even the tiniest of leaks will lead to immense loss of cool and warm air, thereby resulting in inflated heating bills.

After a thorough investigation from the water damage remediation team in the Bronx, SERVPRO isolated the leak to the attic. Unfortunately, this meant some of the items stored away had experienced water damage. Further investigation revealed early development of mildew and mold issues.

The leaking roof let in water that was slowly dripping. The water dribbling in would have weakened the house's structural integrity over time, leading to even more damage.

At this point, the SERVPRO team sprang into action and provided efficient water damage remediation in the Bronx home. There was some attic and ceiling damage, and that was the first concentration point. The team then moved to fix other issues brought on by the leaky roof.

In the end, the family was glad they had gotten water damage remediation in the Bronx. After the SERVPRO team fixed everything, the heating bill went down, and the family could once again enjoy their lovely home.

Always ensure you check your house for leaky roofs. If left unchecked, these leaks can lead to attic and ceiling damage, leaving you to need water damage remediation in the Bronx. Don't wait until it's too late; if you notice any issues or irregularities, contact the SERVPRO team today.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Yonkers, NY

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Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Yonkers, NY Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Yonkers, NY

Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Yonkers, New York

Fires in a home are a complete nightmare. They are extremely disruptive and extensive, which can be very overwhelming. They produce byproducts when they burn synthetic materials, and these byproducts, together with smoke and soot, cause damage to furnishings and surfaces within the house. 

Fire and water damage go hand in hand because fire leads to the melting of water pipes within the house, leading to flooding and water damage. Though you may feel relieved after the fire has been put out, that is just the beginning. After clearance by the fire department, it is advisable to seek fire and water damage restoration services with companies such as SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

Please keep reading to find out how we ensure your home is clean and ready to inhabit after fire or water damage.

Assess the Degree of Damage

Once you contact SERVPRO, emergency experts will be dispatched to come and thoroughly inspect the scene. They will pay attention to all the details of any fire and water damage that has occurred. For example, a floor may appear perfect from the surface. However, an expert’s keen look reveals warping from water damage or weak beams due to fire. This examination gives the professionals enough information to develop a restoration plan.

Isolate Unsteady Areas

Fire and water may easily weaken the structure and foundation of your house, making some surfaces less structurally sound. Only professionals from a fire and water restoration company like SERVPRO can easily notice these areas. They block or strengthen the areas and protect any exposed part of the house from further damage.

Clean and Remove Materials in the House.

Home fires affect a lot of property within the house. Once SERVPRO experts have ensured that the property is sound, they remove damaged items from the house. These items could be personal belongings, furniture or even appliances. From their expertise, the professionals in our team can differentiate those items that they can save and those that they can’t. They then park all the items that can be used safely and take them to a safe facility to clean and restore.

Soot and Smoke Damage Restoration

Another critical process that technicians at SERVPRO carry out is smoke, soot, and any other smoke damage removal by using powerful cleaning agents. They clean every corner of the house, including the ceiling, walls, and even counters. Additionally, they carry out smoke odor removal using advanced equipment such as ozone generators.

Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection

Once the experts at SERVPRO have taken care of all the damages within the house, they then clean the entire house and disinfect every area. They ensure that all the structures, appliances and furnishings are free from any residues, debris, and even dust, and are ready to use.

Repair and Restoration

Repair and restoration is the last activity that our experts carry out at your home during the fire and water restoration process. This process involves repairing your home and restoring it to its preloss condition. It involves painting, flooring, remodeling, carpeting, and reconstruction of previously damaged structures. Unlike some companies who offer specific repairs, SERVPRO offers full reconstruction services and leave your home looking as good as new.


At SERVPRO, our goal is very simple- to get your residential property back to its pre-incident state in an efficient and timely manner. Whether you need minor or major fire and water damage restoration services, our well-trained and experienced professional cleanup and restoration services team is ready to help you. Contact us now, and we will get your home back to its original condition.

Pipe in Basement of Home in the Bronx Bursts From a Deep Freeze

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Frozen Pipe Damage Restoration in the Bronx, NY Frozen Pipe Damage Restoration in the Bronx, NY

Pipe in Basement of Home in the Bronx Bursts from a Deep Freeze

When water freezes, it expands. In the same way, when the water inside a pipe freezes, it expands. This expansion causes pressure buildup within the pipe, causing it to break, which can lead to severe flooding and damages within the house. The risk of frozen pipes highly depends on their location within your home and the insulation method used to protect them. However, when living in an area that experiences sub-zero temperatures, the risk of freezing exists even with good insulation.

Some time ago, a residential home in the Bronx near Fieldston, NY, had an emergency flood situation in their basement due to a frozen pipe that burst. Luckily, they did not experience extensive damage because they quickly contacted SERVPRO of Yonkers South. In this article, we take you through how SERVPRO helped them remediate the damage. From this information, you will know everything about frozen pipe cleanup in the Bronx.

A Pipe in Your Home Burst – What’s Next?

It is critical to notice frozen pipes early to help you prevent the damage that comes with them bursting. To notice early, look for signs such as complete lack of water coming from your faucets or fixtures, visible frost inside your pipes, and a foul smell from blocked waste. However, if a burst happens, do the following:

Turn Off the Water Supply

When the frozen water thaws and reaches the damaged area, it goes out of the pipe. It is advisable to turn off the main water supply to prevent flooding within your house. It helps relieve pressure, and even if water freezes, it won’t cause significant flood damage.

Call Your Insurance Company

Frozen water pipe bursting can be costly, especially in the basement, where you probably store your valuable stuff. Ensure that you contact your insurance company quickly because, in most cases, the insurance policy will cover any damages. The insurance agents will work with you and ensure that your pipes are repaired and fixed as needed.

Contact Professionals

After turning off your water supply and communicating with your homeowner’s insurance company, just like our customer did, contact a professional water cleanup company like SERVPRO. These professionals can identify the problem and make any necessary repairs. Though most water cleanup companies are available 24/7, it is wise to identify a reliable company early so that you can reach out in case of an emergency.

Why Should You Reach Out to Professionals for Frozen Pipe Clean-Up?

It may be tempting to try to clean up the frozen pipe burst by yourself. However, this might be a significant mistake. The cleanup may seem simple- just drying the basement and replacing any damages. Nonetheless, there is more that is needed. Water cleanup services will help you with: 

  • Identifying areas in your basement affected by water damage and the extent of the damage

  • Identifying the location of the water pipe burst 

  • Determining the best cleanup and restoration plan 

  • Repairing and replacing any damages that may have occurred.

  • Determining the water’s path through your home 

Why Should You Choose SERVPRO for Your Frozen Pipe Clean-Up in the Bronx?

Here are the benefits you will enjoy when you call SERVPRO to help:

  • Emergency response 24/7

  • Personalized frozen pipe clean up services

  • Work directly with insurance companies, providing you financial peace of mind

  • Sophisticated tools, hence fast delivery

  • Quality cleanup job since we are IICRC certified


There is a lot involved in the frozen water pipe cleanup process, and you don’t need to do it by yourself. If you’re dealing with a frozen water pipe burst or need help after a flood, contact SERVPRO. The same way we helped our customer who needed frozen pipe clean up in the Bronx, we will walk with you until your home is clean, safe, and water damage-free.

When You Have Water Damage in Yonkers, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South

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Water Damage to wall in Yonkers, NY SERVPRO provides water damage repair in a fast, reliable, and professional manner.

What Should You Do After a Water Damage Incident?

As a homeowner, one of the most devastating catastrophes you can experience involves water damage. Water is at the epicenter of all mankind. In fact, there would be no life without water. However, much as it brings forth life, it can also cause havoc to your home. As a result, it helps to be prepared on how to handle the effects of water damage.

There are multiple ways to prepare for water damage. Unfortunately, sometimes water damage is inevitable, even with the best of preparation. That is why you should always have a service provider that can help with water damage. For example, SERVPRO of Yonkers South provides services relating to water damage repair in Dunwoodie, NY.

Types of water damage

Water damage can occur in various types. Understanding the types will help you know when to call for assistance with water damage repair in Dunwoodie, NY. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, there are three main categories of water damage. These include:

Clean water damage

Clean water damage is regarded as the least severe as the water is free from debris and sewage. Essentially, clean water damage can occur due to broken pipes and water supply lines, overflowing bathtubs and sinks, and appliance malfunction.

It is important to completely dry all items that come into contact with the water. SERVPRO provides quality water damage repair in Dunwoodie, NY.

Grey Water damage

Grey water damage includes water damage from appliances like washing machines, toilets, and sump pumps.

It is important to completely dry all items that come into contact with the water. You can get services relating to water damage repair in Dunwoodie, NY, from SERVPRO.

Black Water damage

Black water damage can result from rising floodwaters, sewage, seawater, river water, and groundwater. The effects of black water damage can be catastrophic to your property and will require swift and timely action to prevent further water damage to your home.

After this type of water damage occurs, you'll need professional services to tackle water damage repair in Dunwoodie, NY. The affected items and materials will need to be properly dried.

When to call for professional water damage clean-up services

Sometimes, you can take care of water damage by yourself. For example, if the kitchen sink overflows, you can shut off the supply and thoroughly clean the sink and floor. If you have a tiled floor, basic cleaning will do the trick.

However, there are numerous instances when you have to rely on the pros. Even with simple water damage instances, the damage may still require professional intervention. For instance, if the bathtub overflows, the effects can be far-reaching, even when you don't think that's the case.

In essence, you can always call water damage repair services in Dunwoodie, NY, like SERVPRO when you're not sure of the extent of the damage. It's always a good idea to reach out to professionals when it comes to water damage. In the different types of water damage listed above, it's clear that all can cause significant damage to your home or property.

SERVPRO provides water damage repair in Dunwoodie, NY, in a fast, reliable, and professional manner. When you reach out to the team, they will come and assess the type of water damage and provide the relevant response. The team will then embark on restoring your home and all affected items to their previous condition.

Looking for Fire Damage Remediation in Dunwoodie, NY?

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Fire Damage in Yonkers, NY Fire Damage in Yonkers, NY

Looking for Fire Damage Remediation in Dunwoodie, NY?

According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), on average, a fire department responds to a fire emergency every 23 seconds in the USA. After the fire department has extinguished the fire, the fire damage restoration companies will come in next. They ensure that your property goes back to its preloss condition. If you have experienced a fire on your property and are looking for Fire Damage Remediation in Dunwoodie, NY, here is everything you need to know.

What is Fire Damage Remediation?

Fire damage remediation involves returning fire-damaged property to its preloss condition. This process can take a week or even months, depending on the severity of the damage. Water and fire damage often occur concurrently as most pipes within the property melt or burst. In this situation, it is advisable to reach out to fire and water damage restoration companies such as SERVPRO of Yonkers South who provide smoke damage cleanup, fire damage mitigation, and water damage restoration.

What Do You Need to Do Before Remediation?

Before fire damage restoration, there are essential things you need to do. They include:

Call Your Insurance Agent

It is crucial to reach out to your insurance company to initiate the restoration process. They will help you file a claim which will lead to a company like SERVPRO being called upon to begin the cleanup and restoration process of your property.

Find a Place to Stay

Regardless of the size of the fire or the extent of the damage caused, the cleanup process will take at least a week. Even small fires like minor electric fires and wall fires need to be inspected by the fire department. After this, the property will need to be thoroughly cleaned before you can live there.

Call a Restoration Company

Once your insurance company has authorized it, you should call a reputable fire and water damage restoration company like SERVPRO. They will immediately dispatch an emergency response team to help you with any needed remediation.

Steps Followed by Fire Damage Remediation Companies.

Though this process varies depending on the severity of the damage, generally the fire damage restoration process involves the following:

Assessment of Damage

Once the fire damage restoration companies get to your property, the first step is to assess the property and determine the amount of damage caused by the fire. It involves assessing the extent to which the smoke and flames have penetrated and rating the extent of the cleanup needed. From the assessment, the professionals can tell:

  • The scope of the work

  • Material that needs to be retained and those that need to be disposed of

  • Duration of the cleanup process

  • The materials required for the cleanup

  • The expected cost

Clean Up and Smoke Removal

The cleanup process is the most intense part of fire damage restoration. It involves carrying out smoke damage removal and soot removal from both the exterior and interior surfaces of the house as well as thoroughly cleaning the house. Additionally, a fire extinguisher cleanup and duct cleaning are needed to remove any smoke, soot, and debris that may have settled there. After the cleanup, the experts then use deodorizing agents to do smoke odor removal.

Construction & Restoration

This is usually the last step in returning your property to its preloss condition. It involves carrying out any necessary repairs and rebuilding any areas the fire may have damaged. The process also involves removing any unsalvageable parts of the property and replacing them. 


If you need fire damage repair, call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. Their specialist experts will do everything in their power to help minimize any inconvenience caused by fire damage. They will also ensure that you and your business or family resume normal life as fast as possible.

Commercial Water Damage Repair in Southeast Yonkers, NY

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Water Heater Repair in Yonkers, NY Water Heater Repair in Yonkers, NY

Small Company Suffers From An Old Water Heating Unit

Water heaters are an essential component in both home and commercial space setups. Usually, if you get a quality brand and get it installed correctly, you don't have to worry about the unit malfunctioning. However, to keep the water heater functioning at optimum capacity, you should consider regular maintenance services.

Like any other appliance, water heaters are prone to failure, and when this happens, you’ll need to get commercial water damage repair services. Since the whole office depends on a functioning water heater unit, the earlier you can get professional intervention services, the sooner the unit can be fixed or restored.

A small business recently branched out, opening its new offices in Southeast Yonkers. The office opening in this region was a dream come true for both the business and residents. Their services were needed in the neighborhood, and opening a new branch meant the company was growing.

When the company was shopping around for office space, they were meticulous about everything. Since they cater to a vast clientele within the premise, finding a suitable space was key. Finally, they found an office space they loved. The rent was affordable, the amenities were up-to-date, and there was enough space to accommodate more than two times their local clientele.

Wanting to close up the deal before any other company made the office management an offer, the business quickly finalized everything needed and moved into the space. Initially, they ran routine checks and even had a professional come to investigate the premise to make sure everything was up to code.

After about four months of working to form the new space, an employee noticed something strange. The water heater was leaking at the outlet valve, and there was some slight formation of rust along the tank’s side. This was when the company started considering commercial water damage repair services.

However, since the leak wasn’t substantial, the company decided to just get a new water heating unit in the following calendar year. Unfortunately, a couple of months after the initial signs of a failing commercial water heater, everything took a turn for the worse.

On a Monday morning, when everyone had assembled and they were ready to start off what seemed like a busy week, they heard a loud noise from where the water heater was located. This loud sound was evidence they would need commercial water damage repair services.

Before the employees could even react, their fears were confirmed as countless gallons of water started gushing out. At this point, it was evident they needed to call a commercial water damage repair service immediately.

At this point, the company called the only commercial water damage service provider they knew in the area, SERVPRO of Yonkers South. When the SERVPRO commercial water damage repair service crew arrived, they first took out everything that could be damaged by the now quickly rising water.

When the office appliances and files had been salvaged, the SERVPRO team now concentrated on the water heater. They had to get to the root cause of the problem in order to stop the spewing water from causing further damage.

From the rusts, leaks, and deluge issues, it was evident little maintenance was done on this unit. Upon further investigation, a commercial water damage repair service crew from SERVPRO discovered the water heater unit was now pushing nine years.

Since the unit had entirely broken down, a new one had to be installed. The team got a modern model that would meet the needs of the company. The company was back and operational in a matter of days, thanks to the commercial water damage repair service crew from SERVPRO.

Do you have a commercial water heater that you fear could fail at any given time? Contact SERVPRO today and let the commercial water damage repair service crew look at it. With early intervention, you can keep the water heater unit working properly and for longer.

Business Water Damage Cleanup in Kingsbridge Heights, NY

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Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Kingsbridge Heights, NY Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Kingsbridge Heights, NY

Business Water Damage Cleanup in Kingsbridge Heights, NY

Water and flood damage cause a lot of chaos in a home, but that is nothing compared to the mess they can cause to a business such as a restaurant. It is the last thing you want to encounter as a restaurant owner. It not only puts the property in danger, but it forces you to close your restaurant for an unknown length of time, putting jobs and the future of the restaurant at risk.

A few days ago, an incident occurred at a local restaurant in Kingsbridge, NY. The restaurant had a water damage emergency caused by a small fire. The fire didn’t cause any damage itself. However, it set off the sprinkler system, leading to the flooding of the dining room. Thankfully, the restaurant owner reached out to SERVPRO of Yonkers South, the best business water damage clean-up company in Kingsbridge, NY. The SERVPRO team was able to do water damage clean-up, restoring the restaurant to normal in no time

In this article, we will explain how SERVPRO and the client handled the case. Hopefully, this will give helpful information on what you can do before, during, and after a significant water damage event in your business, especially in a restaurant.

How Should You Prepare for Water Damage in Your Business?

To lessen the effects of water damage, it is advised to prepare in advance. Luckily, in the case mentioned above, the client had done valuable preparations which helped save their restaurant from significant water damage. These preparations included:

Having a Detailed Response Plan

It was discovered that the client had a plan in place. The plan contained:

  • The name and location of an emergency response company that offers water damage services

  • The company’s contact information

  • Insurance company name

  • Alternative storage sites like a cold storage facility to store food

Confirmation of Insurance Policy 

In most cases, water and flood damage are not featured in most business insurance policies. Luckily, our client had checked and ensured that they were insured. Check to confirm that your restaurant is guaranteed. If not, it is advisable to start the process immediately.

Education of Staff

Just like the local restaurant owner in Kingsbridge had done, staff should be educated on the proper and safe way to shut down main lines within the restaurant. This way, they are able to act quickly in case of a commercial water damage emergency. The lines include; water valves, circuit breakers, and gas valves. Additionally, they must know how to turn off restaurant equipment.

What Should You Do Immediately After Water Damage in Your Business?

There are several things that you should do in case there is an emergency flood within your restaurant. The most critical ones are:

Ensure Electrical Security

Electrical installations and equipment can sustain serious damage in a water damage scenario like the one discussed above. If you find yourself in a situation like the one discussed:

  • Switch off electrical equipment and installations

  • Contact your electricity supplier if you have concerns about the supply.

  • Do not operate equipment that is in water

Ensure Gas Security

Gas installations and equipment can also sustain serious water damage within your restaurant. Immediately after you notice a water leak, turn off the gas control valve to prevent water from getting into the supply pipes.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

As discussed above, ensuring that your insurance covers water damage repairs is very critical. Immediately after a water damage incidence occurs within your business, call your insurance company to find “water damage clean-up company near me” service providers and get them to come to the scene. It is essential to know that the restoration company works for you, not your insurance company.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration Services in Your Business?

A restaurant is very sensitive as it deals with food items. Therefore, you expect absolute excellence in the water damage clean-up process. SERVPRO understands this and is aware of your need to stay open to keep your customers happy and your revenue flowing. That is why, just like what was done for the client discussed above, SERVPRO will:

  • Get to the scene fast

  • Help you to reopen your restaurant as soon as possible

  • Offer emergency service 24/7

  • Do a thorough scope and have a plan of action ASAP

  • Disinfect, clean, and restore your business to how it was before the water damage

  • Mitigate the damage according to your needs


Dealing with business flooding, especially in a restaurant, on your own can be challenging. You do not need to face the repairs and clean-up process alone. Call in the best business water damage clean-up in Kingsbridge, NY, such as SERVPRO, to help. 

We have strategically positioned teams on standby should a flood or water damage disaster strike. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are prepared to help you. For all your business water damage needs, contact SERVPRO today.

Water Damage Clean-Up At A Local Restaurant in Yonkers, New York Saves $1,000's

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Water Damage Caused By Malfunctioning Dishwasher Malfunctioning dishwasher causes commercial water damage

Water Damage Clean-Up At A Local Restaurant in Yonkers, New York Saves $1,000's

Water damage clean-up can shut down a restaurant in its tracks. A Park Hill restaurant had to deal with flood damage due to a faulty dishwasher. The quick thinking of the manager allowed the restaurant to get back on track within just a few days saving thousands of dollars. By placing a call to SERVPRO of Yonkers South, the manager was able to minimize the overall damage and keep things moving forward quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Water Damage Clean-Up Halts Black Mold

In any situation that involves moisture and standing water, black mold is sure to become a reality. The right commercial water damage clean-up in Yonkers and a quick response to the event will halt black mold in its tracks. Once black mold takes hold, it can begin to weaken the structures that it adheres to. Black mold can also have a devastating impact on air quality. In a restaurant, that can spell disaster if food comes in contact with any type of airborne contaminants. SERVPRO has everything it needs to halt black mold and keep air quality high. In order to stop the growth of black mold, you need to begin treating the wet area immediately.

Prevents the Deterioration of Flooring and Other Materials

When a water leak occurs, it isn't a situation where you can mop up the water or clean up a spill. Water follows the path of least resistance, making its way into cracks and crevices. It is absorbed by porous materials like sheetrock and wood. If all of the water is not drawn back out and the area is allowed to dry properly, you may end up with black mold, algae, or deterioration that can compromise the overall structure of your building. SERVPRO has industrial fans and heating units that can dry out any moisture that may have been left behind after the initial clean-up.

Maintains County Safety Standards

Commercial water damage clean-up systems adhere to the strictest safety standards that are put in place by your local government agencies like OSHA. Any time a water leak occurs in a commercial building where food is handled in any way, a thorough cleanup must take place. This involves hiring a commercial cleaning company that can draw out the moisture, dry the affected areas, and deep clean all of the surfaces and recessed areas so that black mold and other contaminants will not be able to grow and propagate.

Commercial Water Damage Clean-Up in Yonkers

Commercial water damage clean-up in Yonkers must meet specific standards. The professionals at SERVPRO are aware of the expectations of the restaurant management they serve, as well as the building codes and safety requirements they must adhere to. Specific techniques are used to disinfect and sanitize areas that have been exposed to water or moisture. The sooner the commercial water damage clean-up takes place, the more effective it will be at preventing long-term damage.

The Benefits of Taking Quick Action

There are several benefits when it comes to taking quick action after a flood or water leak. The manager of the restaurant in Park Hill acted quickly. The quick response saved the restaurant from losing thousands of dollars in revenue. It not only prevented a long-term closure of the business, it also reduced the risk of any permanent damage to the structure of the building and the equipment inside. By calling SERVPRO within a few hours of the water leak, the manager was able to protect the business and keep it open so it could continue to serve its loyal customers.

Storm Damage In Yonkers, New York Happens Fast, Use The Best Storm Damage Clean-Up Company In Town

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Storm Damage to Home In Yonkers New York Storm Damage In Yonkers, New York

New York experiences its share of severe and inclement weather conditions. Major storms, including thunderstorms, strong winds, snowstorms, hail, and hurricanes, can cause significant property damage to buildings and homes. A combination of strong winds and precipitation that accompanies many storms in New York can tear apart roofing and siding, letting in water into a building.

Powerful winds can also blow over trees, utility infrastructure, and other sizable objects that cause devastating damage when they fall on your property. If you’re a New York resident and suffer serious structural damage from a storm in Yonkers, it’s crucial to immediately call the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers – SERVPRO, to avoid further damage.

SERVPRO provides professional storm damage cleanup and restoration services to repair and stabilize damaged businesses and homes, returning the property to operational condition as quickly as possible.

A particularly nasty storm hit Southeast Yonkers recently. One of our client's homes was severely damaged and required extensive storm and water damage cleanup and repair. Below is an overview of the daunting comprehensive project that SERVPRO of Yonkers South experts undertook to get our client’s property to livable condition within the stipulated timeline.

1. Property Safety

Storms can leave behind damaged structures, broken glass, sharp debris, and other hazards. Our first priority was ensuring the property was safe before the inspection could begin. With a storm, there's always the risk of electrocution. Some flooding occurred, and there were power lines nearby, so we ensured the power was cut.


After ensuring the property was safe, SERVPRO's experts first conducted a thorough assessment of the property's interior and exterior. The comprehensive examination allows our experts to determine the extent of the storm damage to formulate a plan and timeline for the cleanup and restoration. We documented all the damage for insurance claims purposes.

3. Board-Up and Tarping Services

Professionals from the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers understand that it's imperative to stabilize a building from further damage following a severe storm. Our board-up and tarping services helped secure the property right away to make the storm damage cleanup and repair process easier and faster.

These services help prevent further structural damage, prevent vagrants and vandalism, ensure continued insurance coverage, and prevent liabilities. Our team boarded up all the windows, damaged doors, damaged walls, and all open spaces in the home. We also tarped a section of the roof damaged during the storm.

4. The Clean-up Process

Clean-up is often the most intensive phase of the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, typically involving lots of manual labor. The first step involved removing all the standing water from the property. Fortunately, the water damage wasn’t extensive.

Our team then removed all the wet furnishings, building materials, carpeting, and upholstery. These were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The next step involved clearing all the glass, siding, roofing pieces, and non-natural debris in the home. We also cleared tree branches, bushes, and other natural debris.

Our personnel then removed all the valuable possessions that were at risk of sustaining damage or could be repaired. We disposed of all the materials that were too damaged to save or keep. Our experts then dried out the property utilizing high-powered industrial-grade fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers. After drying, we disinfected the hard surfaces, carpeting, drywall, and upholstery.

5. Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair were the most complex components of the storm damage cleanup project. Fortunately, no project is beyond the scope of SERVPRO's best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers trained professionals. The first step was exterior damage repair which included repairing the damaged sections of the roofing, replacing the broken windows, and repairing the property siding and other affected structures like the front porch that the storm destroyed.

We then focused on returning the interior spaces back to habitable conditions. Our experts repaired the damaged drywall and flooring, cleaned and replaced the carpeting, replaced damaged electricals, and replaced the damaged interior fixtures. SERVPRO is well equipped to handle all types of property repairs. We stayed in constant contact with our client, updated them on the progress, and their home was back to a livable condition in the time we had promised.

New York is no stranger to severe storms that can wreak havoc on your property in Southeast Yonkers. Whether it's your residence or business that's affected, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO for the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers.

Our dedicated, highly trained, certified, well-equipped, and experienced professionals are available 24/7 and will get to work quickly to ensure your property doesn't suffer more damage and it's back to habitable or operational condition as quickly as possible.

Choose SERVPRO for your Roof and Storm Damage in Yonkers, New York

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Roof Damage Reconstruction In Yonkers, New York Roof Damage Reconstruction In Yonkers, New York

Since 2010, weather disasters such as storms have become very common in New York due to global warming. From a flooded attic to a leaking roof, and ceiling leak, harsh weather can wreak all kinds of havoc. If left unattended, these effects lead to moisture accumulation within your roof, leading to mold growing and wood on the roof swelling. Doing a roof and storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY, is the best method of avoiding these adverse effects.

Keep reading as we dive into everything you need to know regarding the best roof and storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY.

What is roof and Storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY?

To most people, roof and storm damage clean-up is simply repairing roofs and replacing broken windows. However, there is more to it since these two alone lead to poor air quality, mildew, and mold. The process involves cleaning the property, water extraction, structural repairs and dehumidification, and other recovery services. During roof and storm damage clean-up, these processes are performed to ensure that your home is structurally sound.

Which is the best roof and storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY?

When you’re faced with storm damage within your house or building, it can be hard to know where to begin. However, it is advisable to start by contacting the best roof and storm damage clean-up professionals, SERVPRO of Yonkers South. They provide comprehensive roof and storm damage clean-up services, giving you peace of mind during such a tough time. From the first call to the final inspection, SERVPRO will work tirelessly to ensure that they restore your property to its original condition.

SERVPRO’s roof and storm damage cleanup process

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to SERVPRO cleaning up your home after severe roof and storm damage. Our approach to your property depends on the type of weather damage and your property structure. However, some of the standard processes that our professionals use include;

Examination of your property

Whether it is a residence or business, SERVPRO clean- up experts will come to your property and do a detailed examination of the exterior and interior of your building. This examination will enable us to gauge the level of the damage. 

Provision of plan of action

Once we have assessed your property and are aware of the damage rate, our professionals will discuss the renovation plans with you and ensure you understand them. Each plan is uniquely customized depending on the damage and nature of the property.

Beginning of work

Once you have agreed upon everything, the next step is to execute the plans. The process and type of equipment they will use are different for each case, depending on the kind of damage. For example, in the case of a flood damage clean-up, they will use specialized vacuums and pumps to direct water from the affected areas.


The final step in this roof and storm damage clean-up process is dehumidification. It is a critical step as it prevents mildew and mold formation, which could damage your roof. Our specialists will then disinfect the hard surfaces, shampoo the carpets, and apply deodorant to remove any odors.


There is a lot involved after a roof or storm damage. In as much as you can do your part by helping remove things that are not affected by the storm out of the house. It is best to let water damage clean up and flood damage clean-up professionals handle things. If you’re looking for roof and storm damage clean-up services, then contact the team at SERVPRO today. We will follow all the processes ensuring that we leave your property looking as good as new.

Fire Damage Clean Up Crew in Southeast Yonkers, NY

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Fire Damage In Kitchen In Southeast Yonkers Fire Damage In Kitchen In Southeast Yonkers

The invention of fire is perhaps man’s greatest discovery and a true testament to human ingenuity. In fact, fire is a key distinguishing factor between man and all other species. To date, humans are the only known species that have been able to create and control fires.

However, as most people have figured out at one point or another, fire can be cruel if not properly managed. Fire breakouts have decimated cities, destroyed forests, and even ended civilizations. 

Home fires, in particular, can lead to the loss of lives and property. This was the realization of a family in Southeast Yonkers, NY. The family was the unfortunate victim of a house fire that destroyed most of their home. Reports from the fire department detailed the root cause of the fire as faulty wiring. Electric fires are pretty common, especially with the modern inclusion of electric stoves and other appliances.

The fire started off in the early morning hours, and fortunately, the family members had either left or were preparing to leave the premises for school and work. And while no one was harmed in the resulting home blaze, property worth thousands of dollars went up in flames.

Timely fire response

While the area fire department was quick to respond to the fire emergency, little could be done to salvage property on the premises. This is primarily because the fire had caught on to the walls and roof of the house. Wall fires can prove increasingly difficult to put out.

After some time and coordinated efforts, the fire department was able to calm the fire. Most of what was left behind were soot covering most of the items in the house. While it is easy to consider everything lost at this stage, this is where the crucial services of fire damage restoration companies come into play.

Enlisting fire damage clean-up crew

After a residential fire, one of the key steps you have to make as a homeowner or renter is contacting fire and water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Yonkers South. If you have home insurance, they will likely contact the fire extinguisher clean-up crew in your region.

This Southeast Yonkers, NY family contacted SERVPRO on the same day the fire happened. The first step was establishing if there were items that had survived the fire and could subsequently be salvaged.

Fortunately for this family, the house fire was mainly concentrated in the kitchen and laundry area. And while the fire had undoubtedly spread to other parts of the house, the adverse effects were shielded from most other rooms. This meant most of the house and items in the rooms could be saved, although they had been affected by fire, soot, and smoke.

The next step after establishing what aftereffects of the fire were was initiating fire smoke odor removal. Smoke removal is an integral part of restoring your house as it rids of the foul smell caused by smoke resulting from the fire. If you have to continue living on the premises, especially if the fire was contained, this is one of the services you have to highly consider.

After days of exhaustive and thorough clean-up work from the SERVPRO crew, the house was restored to its previous glory and condition, and the family moved back in.

Do you need fire damage clean-up in Southeast Yonkers, NY?

Fire can be ferocious when it gets out of hand. However, all is not lost after a residential fire. If you have experienced a home fire and don’t know what to do or where to start with cleaning up the mess, you should consider enlisting SERVPRO. With professional services, you can trust anything salvageable will be saved, restored, and handled with utmost care.


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